Schott x 3sixteen Roughout Perfecto Leather Jacket

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Last month, IMBOLDN joined in the 15th anniversary celebrations of 3sixteen by touting the New York City clothing brand’s exciting capsule collection with the pack, case, strap, and gear company DSPTCH. Now, 3sixteen is back again to announce another striking collaboration – its third with venerable clothing company Schott NYC.

The Schott x 3sixteen Roughout Perfecto Leather Jacket is composed of a remarkable roughout leather. If you’re unfamiliar, you can think of roughout as a rugged version of suede that only looks better with the scuffs and scrapes of ongoing wear.

To enhance this aging and weathering process in an exceptional way, Schott and 3sixteen turned to Chicago’s Horween Leather Company – one of the longest running tanneries in America. The tanning process employed by Horween employs waterproofing oils, tree bark extracts, and high-grade waxes to lend the leather a natural unevenness that is stunning in its beautiful “imperfections.”

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