DSPTCH RND Collection

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While some may view bags as a fashion accessory, others see them as a tactical necessity. If you fall firmly into the latter camp, you’re likely already familiar with the high-performance containment gear from DSPTCH.

DSPTCH reaches all new levels of durability and convenience with its RND Collection. Short for “research and development,” this collection is composed of the ultra-high-molecular-weight thermoplastic polyethylene Dyneema – a material that’s marketed as the world’s strongest fiber. In addition to its unparalleled strength, Dyneema is incredibly lightweight, abrasion resistant, and weatherproof.

The DSPTCH RND Collection consists of three pieces in dark black Dyneema: the 19-inch Unit Zipper Tote, the 12-inch Unit Musette, and the 14-inch Unit Sling Pouch. Want to reserve storage capabilities for later? Each of these bags can be packed flat in your suitcase and brought out whenever you need it.

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