Vi AI Personal Trainer

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It’s time to upgrade your workout routine, optimize your health, and have more fun while you rep it out. The Vi AI personal trainer is the always-available, super high-tech, versatile workout companion who’ll help you meet your fitness goals–while streamlining your workout regimen.

Trade your fitness tracking device, sports earbuds, workout apps, and maybe even your personal trainer for one device that does it all. A heart rate monitor keeps tabs on your exertion. Brilliantly-designed headphones stay put, stay comfortable, and withstand the sweat and exertion of the toughest workouts. Vi’s warm, human voice will help you reach your personalized goals by responding to your voice commands, calling you out when you slack off, reminding you not to push too hard when your heart rate spikes too high, and even answering your phone calls.

Exceptional audio quality, a versatile, intuitive companion app for iOS and Android, incredibly accurate tracking technology, and impeccable design combine to make Vi a formidable fitness companion. Whether you’re training for your first 5K or working toward a personal best bench press, you can’t beat the personality, simplicity, and motivation of the Vi AI trainer. So ditch the bracelet and up the ante for a truly next-generational workout experience.

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