Sony WF-SP700N Noise Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds

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Nothing can get you through a difficult exercise session quite like the right tunes. Sony set out to create the perfect listening experience for the fitness enthusiast, and the result is the new Sony WF-SP700N Noise Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds.

Their digital noise cancellation capabilities alone make these earbuds a great workout accessory, helping to block exterior sounds that might otherwise prevent you from fully immersing yourself in the music. Other workout-oriented features of the Sony WF-SP700N earbuds include a silicon support fitting to ensure that they stay firmly in place under strenuous movement and a protective outer shell that is exceptionally resistant to both water and sweat.

But what if you’re a street jogger who needs to stay alert to the sound of car horns and other sonic indicators of impeding danger? No problem. Ambient Sound Mode allows you to dig on your favorite jam while simultaneously allowing outside sounds to cut through the music.

These bluetooth earburds also provide hands-free calling with just a click, without having to touch your phone. An update with Google Assistant is also in the works to make these earbuds smarter and all around more useful. The Sony WF-SP700N Noise Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds come in four attractive colors.

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