Samsung Space Monitor

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Wide-screen display, 4K resolution, and exceptional color accuracy are some of the features in the new computer monitor from Samsung, but the specs only tell a part of the story.

The “space” part of this monitor’s name sums up what home product designers find so exciting; the unique arm stand of the Samsung Space Monitor clamps securely to the edge of any desk or table to allow you to manage your workspace and optimize your screen view like never before.

Want to clear space on your work surface and provide a clear display for everyone in the room? The Space Monitor can be retracted against the back wall and extended up it for unobstructed observation. Need a closer perspective while working at your desk? The monitor can be lowered and thrust forward to rest directly on your work surface. The Samsung Space Monitor is available in both 32-inch 4K UHD and 27-inch QHD models.

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