Samsung QLED TV

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Hold on to your remotes. Designed to be the most engaging viewing experience around, the new Samsung QLED TV is a sight to see — and you don’t even have to turn it on to admire the display. We know you’ve seen many TVs, but Samsung has really outdone itself with the QLED TV’s design and features. It combines the most advanced picture technology with brilliant design enhancements and intuitive navigation, to fully immerse you in your TV experience.

In addition to the insane picture quality, the Samsung QLED TV boasts the SmartThings app, which connects your TV to your favorite smart devices and appliances, powered by ‘Meet Bixby,’ the intelligent voice assistant that makes it easy to search for shows, flip channels, and ask for the current weather, and so on. However, the most unique feature of the QLED TV is the Ambient Mode, which can be customized to blend perfectly with your décor when the QLED TV is not in use. Personalize it to look like a work of art, your favorite photos, or even a color to match your walls. You won’t even notice the TV is there.

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