Roland Kiyola Piano

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Stylish enough to be used strictly as an accent piece, beautiful enough to be saved as an heirloom, and practical enough to create gorgeous music should anyone actually know how to play — the Roland Kiyola Piano may just be better finish for your room than your wood topcoat.

This is perhaps the most beautiful sounding digital piano in the world; the Kiyola features SuperNATURAL piano modeling, which takes digital sensitivity to the next level, and the speaker are set up specifically to give you a full surround sound experience. Created in equal parts by seminal synth company Roland and furniture tastemaker Karimoku, the Kiyola is refined, powerful, and sophisticated. Visually unique without being overbearing, it offers a complement to traditional wood cabinet spacing or a focal point in your space. The Kiyola comes in a pure oak or walnut finish.

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