Ricoh WG-50 Camera

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In today’s high tech world, if you didn’t record it, you may as well forget about it. Your friends might believe you when you tell them the story, but nothing truly captures the drama and grandeur of an exceptional event quite like video.

Well, getting your outdoor adventures on video is about to get a lot easier. The Ricoh WG-50 camera takes notions of toughness and durability to whole new heights. This product is shock proof against falls from over 1.5 meters, waterproof down to 14 meters, and generally works great under even the harshest of weather conditions.

But capturing great outdoor action requires more than just durability. Let’s face it. During that breathtaking mountaineering expedition or that underwater voyage to that life-filled coral reef, your hands are simply too full with adventure to worry about directing a documentary film. Like an invisible cinematographer, the Ricoh WG-50 Camera has you covered with more than 20 different scene modes that automatically adjust unit settings for optimum results. These modes range from the straightforward (Landscape and Portrait) to the highly specific (Digital Microscope and Underwater Movie). The Ricoh WG-50 is equipped with a back-illuminated 16-megapixels CMOS image sensor and both a 5x optical zoom lens and a 28mm wide-angle lens.

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