Razer Turret for Xbox One

$250 preorder

The first wireless keyboard and mouse designed specifically for the Xbox One, the Razer Turret promises to boost the capabilities of the popular gaming system with incredible precision and style. Leave it to Razer — the creator of the widely-celebrated 5G Advanced Optical Sensor — to level the playing field between PC and console video game play.

A answer to the argument that the PC keyboard/mouse combo is far faster and more accurate than any handheld controller, the Turret connects to the Xbox One via Bluetooth to offer unparalleled flexibility of play.

The Turret mouse features Razer’s propitiatory 5G Advanced Optical Sensor, and the Turret keyboard is streamlined for gaming by eschewing the traditional ten-key numberpad in favor of a dedicated Xbox key that allows you to effortlessly switch themes and browse/stream content.

Both mouse and keyboard boost gaming immersion with Razer Chroma and Xbox Dynamic Lighting that illuminates dramatically in syncopation with game play.

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