Pivo Smartphone Tracking Pod

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Pivo isn’t just a tripod. It’s a 360° auto-tracking pod for smartphones that makes it easy to create photos, videos, and gifs that would usually require a second person to operate the camera (or special lenses and editing software to achieve the same effects). It works by following faces and tracking moving objects, so instead of relying on anyone else to film your videos, you can now film yourself and get creative, using modes like Versus and DoubleTake to switch back and forth between subjects.

A built-in tripod and turntable twists and turns your phone at six different remote-controlled speeds, and the synchronized Pivo App offers more than a dozen unique shooting modes. Timelapse, panoramic, and spherical modes give photos more dimension too, letting you capture the passage of time and the curve of the Earth with one compact accessory.

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