Oculus Go VR Headset

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The Menlo Park, California-based virtual reality hardware and software company Oculus VR is the brainchild of Palmer Luckey, a technology entrepreneur who cofounded ModRetro Forums when he was just 17 years of age. This online community focused on the subject of “portabilization” — a high-tech hobby that involves turning old hardware devices into self-contained portable units.

As the designer of the Oculus Rift, Luckey spearheaded significant advancements in the field of virtual reality. Now, under the helm of Facebook and with their massive resources at Oculus’ disposal, Oculus releases their new Oculus Go and takes VR to its ultimate conclusion by making it completely self-contained. That’s right. The Oculus Go allows you to enter a variety of virtual universes wherever you happen to be with absolutely no wires or PC attached.

This completely adjustable and highly breathable headset fits comfortably over your eyes and ears, allowing you to immerse yourself in more than 1,000 virtual reality games, social apps, unique 360° experiences. The Oculus Go functions as a portable personal 3D theater that places you in the middle of the movies, TV shows, games, and sports events that you love.

But its extreme portability and convenient all-in-one design aren’t the only things to love about the Oculus Go. Featuring Oculus VR’s best lenses yet, this innovative device offers crystal-clear optics that pair with integrated spatial audio to bring your virtual world to life with amazing realism.

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