NVIDIA GeForce Big Format Game Displays

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The future that all gamers have been waiting for is here. No, we aren’t talking about Ready Player One. Instead, we are talking about the release of the NVIDIA GeForce Big Format Game Displays. These displays are designed to bring all the power that you have come to expect from NVIDIA GeForce to a 65 inch screen. In fact, over the past years the gaming technology giants have been working to perfect 4K, create cinema-quality color gamuts, provide a full array of backlights, and essentially deliver the best big screen PC gaming experience possible.

The new gaming format offers an unparalleled gaming experience for all types of enthusiasts. Whether you want to play a first shooter game without the annoying lag time, prefer to race down the canals in a speedboat without experiencing visual blur, or specialize in heading to alternate universes to complete missions with your favorite Marvel characters, the NVIDIA GeForce Big Format Game Displays offer ultra-low latencies, G-SYNC, and best-in-class HDR that you would expect from the best gaming experience on the market. Now all you need to do is convince your wife, girlfriend, or partner that you need this in your life (or theirs).

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