LG 49-inch UltraWide Monitor

Whether you’re working or playing, you probably want to have more than one window open simultaneously on your desktop computer. Maybe you thought that your large 27-inch display would do the trick, but found that you still continually run out of space. Maybe you have chosen to clutter your desk by marrying a second monitor to your first.

Well, LG has just announced a far more practical and elegant solution. Set for a grand unveiling at the 2019 CES trade show, the LG 49-inch UltraWide Monitor has an enormous 49-inch screen with 5120 x 1440 resolution that is as sharp as a tack.

Other key features of this wider-than-wide monitor include highly accurate sRGB color space for optimal color accuracy and an integrated set of 10W speakers. The LG 49-inch UltraWide Monitor is also fully HDR10 compatible and sports an 85W USB-C port for device connectivity/charging.

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