Lander Cairn XL Smart Lantern + Power Bank

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The Cairn XL Smart Lantern + Power Bank brightens up your base camp and keeps your phone charged — a powerful combo that effortlessly simplifies your gear collection. The most robust lantern in Lander’s Cairn Family, the Cairn XL boasts 350 lumens to illuminate your campsite. It’s Bluetooth enabled, so you can control the color and brightness from your phone — and it has color variants and strobe functions, packing enough versatility for a variety of emergency or not-so-emergency scenarios.

But it’s more than just a smart lantern. The Cairn XL can fast-charge a smartphone four times. It’s IP65 rated, so it’s dustproof and waterproof. An ingenious attached lanyard makes it easy to display, and the soft square design adds an understated minimalist touch to your gear.

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