HP OMEN X Emperium 65

$5,000 preorder

When HP describes its new large format display monitor as “game-changing,” it means it in more ways than one. It certainly pushes the boundaries of general home electronics with a 65-inch diagonal screen that boasts 4K UHD resolution that is capable of producing HDR-1000 visuals. More specifically, however, this monitor is designed to dramatically change the kind of video games that you’ll certainly want to play on it.

Built from scratch with the ambitious goal of wowing even the most discerning and technologically advanced gamers, the HP OMEN X Emperium 65 features NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR that delivers a smooth and fluid picture with top refresh rates of 144 hertz and boosts the quality of your gaming experience with ultra-low latency for reduced input lag, Quantum Dot technology for lusher colors, and a 120-watt soundbar for fully immersive sound.

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