Google Pixel Slate

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From the conversational abilities of the Google Assistant to the integration of an ever-expanding library of apps from the Google Play Store, the name of Google’s technological game for the past several years has been “versatility.”

Now, the new Google Pixel Slate promises to make the most of the Google’s highly accommodating Chrome OS and run Google’s diverse array of software products better than any hardware product before it. In short, it builds upon the legacy of Google’s Chromebook and Pixelbook to help you effortlessly balance work and play on a device that boots up incredibly fast, operates at peak capacity all day, and gets better and better the more you use it.

Like the other Google laptops that came before it, the Pixel Slate combines a keyboard with a touch-first user interface to provide the convenient features of both a tablet and a traditional computer. Unlike its predecessors, the Pixel Slate incorporates a incredibly vivid Molecular Display, lasts over 12 hours on a single charge, and runs more optimized Android apps than ever. It is also significantly lighter and better balanced in the hand.

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