Ghostly International x Analogue Super Nt

$250 buy now

The new Super Nt console from the independent record label Ghostly International and the aftermarket vintage video game device manufacturer Analogue is for the serious retro video game enthusiast or the digital artist with a strong proclivity for the 8-bit.

With an exclusive white colorway Retro Receiver and a matching white 8BitDo SN30, this console is built to impress before you even plug it in. When you power up this Super Nt, you’ll be treated to one of multiple bespoke boot-up sequences by renowned indie game designer Phil Fish, the man behind the 2012 platform game Fez. The audio components for these boot-up sequences are the original creations of seven different Ghostly International artists including Gold Panda, Telefon Tel Aviv, Christopher Willits, Mary Lattimore, and Tadd Mullinix.

Limited to 1000 units, the Ghostly International x Analogue Super Nt ships in a limited edition box.

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