Beddit Sleep Monitor

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Looking for ways to track and improve your sleep habits? Swap your wearable trackers for Beddit — an impossibly thin, completely unobtrusive sleep monitor that slips under your mattress. Beddit monitors your sleep time, heart rate, breathing and snoring, and even bedroom temperatures and humidity levels.

Apple bought Beddit back in 2017 and is just now releasing their updated monitor, with seamless Apple Watch integration. Receive nudges like bedtime reminders and sleep data on your Apple watch or iPhone. The user-friendly Beddit app gives you instant feedback on your sleep patterns and advice to optimize your rest each night. The device itself is just 2mm thin, so you’ll never feel it under your mattress, and it works with one or two people in bed (although you’ll need a second Beddit monitor if you want to track both sleepers).

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