Audeze Mobius Gaming Headphone

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Having a man cave is more or less pointless if you can still hear your home’s distractions when you are immersed in the worlds of your favorite media. Thankfully, with the Audeze Mobius Gaming Headphone you can turn your gaming experience into something that rivals Ready Player One, although hopefully it doesn’t result in a Big Brother style corporation chasing you through the streets of Grand Theft Auto.

The Audeze Mobius Gaming Headphone features full 3-D emulation with additional support for surround sound modes, which means that you can now enjoy an amazing air guitar solo as you jam out to the sounds of your youth. The 3-D head tracking system ensures that your sound remains interruption free even through your head movements (in excitement or slamming the keyboard in a fit of rage). Amazing audiophile sound coupled with comfortable contoured memory foam ear pads and the added convenience of Bluetooth, these headphones promise to revolutionize the way you experience video games, music, and movies.

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