Unagi Electric Scooter

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Even though electric scooters seem to be everywhere, many grown-ups still consider them child’s play. If this sounds like you, Unagi is determined to change your mind.

Positioning its new electric scooter as a superior alternative to ridesharing and public transportation, Unagi has designed it match the high quality materials (magnesium alloy and machined aluminum), precision manufacturing (solid body construction), and even the finishes (three coats including a high-abrasion resistant paint and a laminate) of the automotive industry.

But the Unagi Electric Scooter presents a number of advantages over the car. Consider its ability to fully collapse for easy transport at the touch of a button and its “flat-proof” solid rubber tires. With who engine choices (the robust 250-watt E250 motor and the 450-watt E450), this scooter has the power necessary to easily ascend hills with 15-degree inclines.

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