Trek Madone SLR Race Bike

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Since 2004 Madone has become the gold standard for race bikes. Now, the Trek Madone SLR race bike seeks to break the mold, raise the bar, go the distance, cross the double yellow line, or whatever metaphor is necessary to classify it as one of the world’s most sophisticated racing bikes. In fact, the Trek Madone SLR offers every advantage needed in speed, handling, and aerodynamics.

A new, fully integrated disc or rim brake offers the smooth braking needed for the twists and turns of a mountain road. Alternatively, all-weather brakes can be added for the stopping power necessary in all types of race conditions. IsoSpeed allows riders to enjoy a more efficient ride, while simultaneously offering increased stability and reduced road fatigue. Race longer and better with the Trek Madone SLR’s incredibly light 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame. From the invisible cable routing to the new geometry, one thing is certain: the Trek Madone SLR is setting the stage for record breaking gold medal rides.

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