Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

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In the U.K., four door sedans are referred to as “saloons”. While we have a far different definition here in the states, the Mercedes AMG GT Concept appears just as entertaining to enter. This concept vehicle made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, which by the way, is an excellent vehicle (so to speak) for new vehicles to make its first appearance in the automotive world. Concept cars, in particular, are a way engineers and designers can strut their stuff. Daimler, however, says it intends to build something very close to this AMG GT Concept.

AMG of course, is the muscle car division of Mercedes-Benz and they are celebrating their 50th year by out-muscling themselves with this high-powered, 800 hp hybrid. Yep, a hybrid with 800 horsepower. No, this is not dad’s Mercedes or your mom’s Prius, and it doesn’t remotely resemble the boxy Benz’s of previous decades. Don’t think your better half will appreciate you are even thinking about a 800 hp car? Well, it is a hybrid, it does have four doors and it actually does have a reasonable luggage compartment. With a little salesmanship… it’s practically a mini-van.

The technology powering the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept comes from the hybrid powertrain of the Mercedes Petronas AMG Formula 1 race car. It makes use of energy recuperating carbon-ceramic brakes and adaptive aerodynamics that adjust with airflow and speed. There is serious business under the long “bonnet” (hood) of this car. Although called a “concept” it may not be long before you’ll be kicking its “tyres” at your local Benz dealer.

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