McLaren MSO Racing Through The Ages Collection

The bespoke division of McLaren, MSO (McLaren Special Operations) is on its way to becoming the highest performing custom vehicle maker of 2019, with the release of its “Racing Through the Ages” collection. Pulling from the extensive archives of its models past and present, MacLaren commemorates the history of its automobiles with a truly unique series of cars.

McLaren Beverly Hills chose three key periods to represent the evolution of McLaren brand, and each of these themes is embodied in both a 570S Coupe and a 570S Spider to create a congruous collection of six cars in total.

The white and blue-grey paint of the Muriwai theme was inspired by the waves of New Zealand’s Muriwai Beach, where a 15-years-old Bruce McLaren competed in his very first race. The Papaya Spark theme stresses the Papaya color of McLaren’s race cars from the 60s and 70s. Lastly, the Sarthe Grey theme celebrates McLaren’s 1995 Le Mans victory in a F1 GTR of similar hue.

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