Ferox Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle

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If you have a history of going “four-wheeling,” the advanced recreation vehicle designers at Ferox are about to obliterate everything that you thought you knew about your favorite motorized sport.

First and foremost, the Ferox Azaris Advanced Off-Road Vehicle doesn’t have four wheels, but rather four motors. What’s more, these aren’t the conventional combustion or electric motors that we’re used to; they are hydraulic motors driven by the force of a centralized BMW R1200GS motorbike engine, which pushes a liquid of 95-percent water to turn each wheel, producing as much as 980 Nm of torque. That’s roughly equivalent to the torque force of a Porsche 911 Turbo!

As for the actual wheels, the Ferox Azaris has six of them for extra stability and control. The two rearmost wheel axles on each side are fused together to support an innovative rocker suspension system, giving you the power to traverse extreme terrain with ease.

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