Angry Motors BMW R80 T63

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Patrick Rohr takes the mechanics trade into the realm of the artist as the sole proprietor of Angry Motors. Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, Angry Motors is much more than your average motorcycle repair shop. Take, for example, Mr. Rohr and Angry Motors’ latest successful undertaking — the BMW R80 T63 project.

Mr. Rohr reports putting more than 350 hours of “passion, work, beer, sweat and music” into rebuilding a classic BMW R80 motorcycle from 1989. He began the project by tearing down what he would later reconstruct anew.

After reducing the BMW R80 to its basic components, he powder coated the frame and spray painted the motor and parts in striking jet black. His mechanical efforts included the complete replacement of all seals and bearings, the addition of all new stainless bolts, and the inclusion of other highly exclusive design elements. Generally adhering to a “less is more” approach to both mechanics and aesthetics, Mr. Rohr outfitted the bike with only the most essential features and parts.

The Angry Motors BMW R80 T63 features a LSL dragbar-style handlebar with retro black handgrips, a frontbreak Magura HS1 with steel braided brake lines, and a customized chassis with a shortened rear end. You’d never know that the old bike has over 36,000 kilometers on it.

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