WhistlePig FarmStock Rye Crop No. 002

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A Vermont farm reborn as a distillery, WhistlePig began with a dream of using its farm-grown rye and on-site well water to create a premium whiskey. To complete what the company calls its “Triple Terroir,” it also uses wood from its own oak trees to create the barrels in which its whiskey ages.

What has to be the craftiest of all craft distilleries, WhistlePig recently released the second blend of its limited edition FarmStock estate release. FarmStock Rye Crop No. 002 is composed of 32% 2-year aged WhistlePig Triple Terroir estate whiskey, 45% 6-year aged whiskey from MPGI in Indiana, and 23% 10-year aged whiskey from Alberta Distillers in Canada.

Crowdsourced from bartenders, influencers, and consumers from around the United States, Rye Crop No. 002 is bound to spark the interest of any whiskey aficionado. Blending the “untamed contours and boldness” of the WhistlePig estate whiskey with the lushness and complexity of the other specially-chosen aged ryes, Rye Crop No. 002 emerges with a full-bodied, dry, and spicy palate with initial fruity overtones and a light but lingering finish of white pepper.

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