The Splitter Titanium Camping Multi Utensil

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A boutique outdoor accessories brand with headquarters in LA, Full Windsor says that it is “driven by design, creativity and curiosity.” Well, its new Splitter Titanium Camping Multi Utensil certainly checks all three of these boxes. For those who value simplicity in design, the Splitter Titanium Camping Multi Utensil is an absolute work of art. Composed of just two interlocking pieces, this tool is readily transfigurable to perform a broad array of cooking and dining functions.

During the grilling process, it’s a highly functional spatula. When ready to serve that tossed salad, attach the two Splitter components with simple interlocking keyhole slot to create an efficient pair of tongs. Sitting down to eat? Just detach the components for a convenient spork and knife set. And when it’s time to hit the road, the Splitter can be instantly configured for compact transportation and storage.

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