Stillhouse Black Bourbon

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Bourbon rested and mellowed in coffee beans? It’s a match that almost seems too good to be true. But this is for real, and it’s an industry first.

Specifically, it’s a concoction now being offered via pre-sale by Stillhouse Black Bourbon — and it’s the first product of its kind to be offered. To date, Stillhouse isn’t just known for its high-quality Bourbon, but for its iconic and unbreakable steel can. Now, consumers can get everything they love about the bourbon — the blend of corn, rye, barley, and more, mixed and distilled, then charred in barrels — with the resting in small batch coffee beans for a unique flavor that’s unlike any bourbon product currently offered by the brand.

The final taste is a mix between caramel and coffee, with a smooth finish to boot. Available in 750 mL sizes, the Stillhouse Black Bourbon is expected to ship between March and May. America’s finest is getting even finer and more unique with the addition of the Stillhouse Black Bourbon.

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