Roka R1 Goggle

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Sharp vision matters to every athlete, especially swimmers who rely on their eyes to stay fast and safe in the water. Because open-water swimming means open-water sighting – and straight lines make all the difference in pools too – the ROKA R1 Goggle is designed to maximize visibility as much as possible. Part optical-grade eyewear and part high-performance sports gear, the R1 opens up your field of vision and stays in place with a low-pressure seal and buttery silicone gasket.

RAPIDSIGHT™ is ROKA’s patent-pending, proprietary lens technology, and it outshines other goggles by sharpening vision and staying out of the way. A slight retroscopic tilt expands your forward field of view in the water, and an anti-fog, water-resistant coating prevents any fogging or leaking. Available in a dozen colors (including mirrored and translucent option), even the tint is designed to deliver clarity and handle every lighting condition, from darkness to direct sunlight.

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