OtterBox Trooper Soft Cooler

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When you’re out in the rugged elements, you need rugged supplies. Of course, you’ll need the right boots, packs, and tools, but a plan for eating and drinking is also a vital component. In terms of the latter, you can stuff granola bars and water bottles into your pack, or you can go for the OtterBox Trooper Soft Cooler for easy, convenient, and secure storage of food and drinks.

Offered in 20 and 30 quart sizes, both versions of the cooler have wide straps for easy shoulder carrying, and the 30 quart version actually transforms into a backpack. The OtterBox Cooler is leak proof and features large openings for easy access. With water-resistant zippers, the exterior is also resistant to chemicals, puncture, and UV rays. If you really want to get an idea for how well this cooler will stand up in rugged environments, consider this: it’s rated IP-65, which is strong enough to hold up in river rapids and powerful ocean waves. Of course, less formidable activities such as tailgating and a day at the beach are as just as ideal for the OtterBox Trooper Soft Cooler.

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