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When it comes to kitchen tools and utensils, you can easily accumulate a bunch of newfangled thingamajigs with all kinds of unnecessary bells and whistles, but most cooks of note recommend relying upon a few traditional essentials. The culinary equipment masters at Material Kitchen take this recommendation a step further by making your kitchen tools iconic.

An expansion on its Fundamentals set, the Material Kitchen Iconics consist of both 8-inch and 4-inch straight blade knives, a 6-inch serrated knife, pair of tongs, slotted spatula, air whisk, wood spoon, and both slotted and non-slotted metal spoons. For added convenience and attractive storage, these tools come with a sturdy base stand.

The Iconics line features sleek industrial styling and quality raw materials such as stainless steel and hardwood walnut. It also comes in a striking, limited edition, grey blue handle color.

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