Knister Grill

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Planning to incorporate a picnic into your next summer bike ride? Want to take your portable culinary aspirations to the next level? If so, you have to check out the new Knister Grill.

The very first grill specifically designed for transport by bicycle, the Knister comes complete with a proprietary bracket that affixes securely to all common handlebar types for commuter, mountain, and racing bikes alike. The main stainless steel Knister Grill unit, which is both compact and collapsible, locks easily into the bracket for travel without restricting your maneuverability. For added convenience, you can store all the food for your picnic inside the Knister Grill. Once you get to your chosen destination, you can configure the Knister for grilling within seconds (its foldable legs double as picnic basket-style handles). You can leave the Knister in its compact form to cook for two or three people. To accommodate larger groups of eight to nine, the grill can extend from 30 centimeters to nearly 50 centimeters in length.

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