Hütte Hut

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Set the course for a new kind of adventure. The Hütte Hut is like no mobile escape you’ve ever seen. It’s light and aerodynamic enough to be towed by most cars. It combines the elegant beauty of classic woodwork with the lightweight versatility of an aerospace-inspired aluminum frame. It’s all about wide open vistas, large windows, open air, and taking in the stars.

Part of the Hütte Hut’s one-of-a-kind design is its removable, waterproof fabric canopy that lets in the natural light and allows you to peel away the layers between yourself and your surroundings at will. The waterproof interior is finished to the same standards as luxury cars. Willow millwork and solid wood trusses bring an organic warmth to a camper that’s nothing like the average camper.

Every Hütte Hut is custom-made according to your preferences, so you can have integrated water, power, cooking, and storage features added to fit the escape of your dreams. It will turn heads at every step of the journey, whether you’re hitting the road long-term or investing in a series of unforgettable experiences with your favorite person.

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