Heymat+ Strå Doormat

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There is something delightful about the clean geometric lines of this nature-inspired doormat. The bold crosshatching is modeled after gently swaying grass,invoking a feeling of movement and freedom. This spirit makes the Strå doormat the perfect stepping off place to enter your home or to venture out into the world. Leave your worries at the door as you cross this zen piece — or head out to work or play with unsurpassed clarity of mind, knowing your home is a calm oasis awaiting your return.

Of course, it’s not just looks. The sleek lines and dimensional materials help sweep dirt and debris from shoes before you enter your home. Get your Hygge on with the Heymat+ Strå doormat and reap the rewards of clean design and uncluttered appeal for the often overlooked but important location — your front door.

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