Closca Bottle

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Undertaking unique design challenges since 2013, the innovative consumer product company Closca changed the lives of bicycle commuters forever with the foldable and NFC (near-field communication) smartphone-compatible Closca Helmet. For its latest project, Closca has reimagined another common, highly transportable, household object — the water bottle.

The Closca Bottle is promising to change the way you carry, drink, and locate water each and every day. In addition to its sleek and elegant design, this product offers a range of features that take it light-years beyond the traditional reusable water bottle. Its silicone cover incorporates a patented strap that uses a secure magnetic closure system to firmly affix the Closca Bottle to backpacks, bikes, baby strollers, or virtually any other piece of apparel/equipment. It features a narrow opening on top as well as a removable bottom to allow for easy cleaning and ready access for ice cubes. Customer can also complete the Closca Bottle with a built-in coffee/tea filter proprietary accessories.

Like the Closca Helmet, the Closca Bottle also harnesses the power of your cell phone through the accompanying Closca Water App. With just a few taps, this revolutionary app can show you the closest places to refill your bottle free of charge.

Marrying state-of-the-art technology with the durability of borosilicate glass, the Closca Bottle has earned recognition as one of the “Most Inspsiring Products” of 2017 from TED Talks.

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