BRS Offroad Sherpa Camper Trailer

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Taking the common teardrop camping trailer to a whole new level, the tough-as-nails Australian hybrid camper company BRS has just released what has to be the Cadillac of off-road campers.

The Sherpa begins with a hot-dipped, galvanized chassis that weighs less than the competition while offering increased durability and enhanced performance. For easy and efficient transport, it features a handy DO35 towing coupler and a Cruisemaster XT suspension system.

But it’s the Sherpa’s living spaces and amenities that truly impress. From its heated main cabin with 12-inch LED television to its spacious pop-up rooftop tent, this camper can keep the entire family comfortable and happy. Other key features of the BRS Offroad Sherpa Camper Trailer include a 30-liter refrigerator, a two-burner stove, a pop-down sink, and an outdoor shower that is fed by a 200-liter water bladder. The entire camper is powered by a rechargeable 125-amp lithium battery system.

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