Best Made Mallmann’s Grill

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Long inspired by the natural world, renowned Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann lives on a private island and loves cooking outside using traditional Patagonian barbecuing techniques. In light of his love of the natural elements, Mallmann’s new partnership with the camping and adventure gear retailer Best Made seems like a no-brainer. Great for use at home or in the wild, the collapsible Best Made Mallmann’s Grill is an excellent preview of what this collaboration may bring.

Standing 8 feet high and spanning 3.5 inches at its base, this 130-pound grill has two adjustable grilling surfaces – flat and grated. It also features a large and versatile hanging rack that can be used to prepare meats, vegetables, and fruits. The Best Made Mallmann’s Grill works equally well with wood and charcoal. Made entirely of steel, it wipes clean easily after every use.

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