AMP Human Performance PR Lotion

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You know those Instagram photos where guys and girls alike are flexing in front of the gym mirror, somehow looking miraculously fit and yet not at all sweaty post workout? The secret to those photos for the unathletic is the latest filter. But, for the athletes in the room who are busy catering to their inner “Rock,” the AMP Human Performance PR Lotion is the post workout treatment that is far more effective than the perfect filter.

The AMP Human Performance PR Lotion delivers the bicarbonate needed to neutralize acid, reduce muscle soreness, and ultimately battle fatigue. While the AMP Human Performance PR Lotion is designed as a recovery treatment, it can also be used as a pre-workout treatment so that you can do more, go farther, and ultimately push your body to its limits.

When the limits have been met, take the guesswork out of recovery by delivering the muscle-soothing bicarbonate cream exactly where you need it so that you can feel as good as you look. And hey, you just might feel like joining the ranks of those Gram-loving folks; the difference will be that the AMP Human Performance PR Lotion will deliver heightened levels of pre and post workout satisfaction as you enjoy a fitter you, filter free.

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