American Press Coffee Brewer

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After noticing just how dirty and wasteful a traditional French press coffeemaker can be (and how people so hate cleaning their French presses that they simply allow coffee grounds to pile up in them for weeks!), the founder of American Press decided it was time for something new. Many design sessions, rough sketches, and incomplete prototypes later, the first American Press unit was born.

Unlike the relatively messy and inefficient French press, the American Press keeps grounds completely enclosed in a patented reusable pod throughout the entire brewing process, making both preparation and cleanup a breeze. Plus, as you press down on this new and improved device, you are actually actively brewing your coffee, rather than simply straining out grounds as you would with a traditional French press.

Employing ultra-fine 100 micron stainless steel filtration, the American Press creates a clean and delicious cup of coffee unlike any other… and it’s also great for tea! Brew up to 14 ounces of your favorite beverage in a snap. And when you’re done, simply empty the reusable pod and throw the unit’s shatter resistant and BPA-free carafe into any dishwasher.

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