Uniform Wares x SmileLine Strap Changing Tool

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If you take your wristwatch game seriously, you probably swap out various straps/bracelets on a regular basis. Stop messing with those small strap changing tools that come free when you buy straps or spring bars. It’s time to get some quality tools to help you along.

Helping you change straps with medical precision, Uniform Wares sought out the expertise of a leading producer of dental hand instruments to design the very best strap changing tool that money can buy. The result is the Uniform Wares x SmileLine Strap Changing Tool, a high-end utensil composed of strong carbon fiber and the same stainless steel that has been used in the dental field for generations.

The Uniform Wares x SmileLine Strap Changing Tool features handles of ebony or violet hardwood and fully replaceable pin and fork tool tips.

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