Twelve South AirSnap AirPods Leather Case

$30 Preorder

You sprung for pricey earbuds, so keep them together and protected — and why not look good while you’re at it? The Twelve South AirSnap AirPods Leather Case is the kind of case that looks better the more you use it; it’s a little rugged, a little sexy, and immensely practical.

The swivel hook on top lets you attach them to your bag, briefcase, or backpack, and the gap in the bottom allows for effortless charging without even removing the AirPods from the case. The case itself is crafted from full-grain leather in three different colors that have a knack for looking right at home anywhere, so your aesthetic won’t suffer.

The case itself snaps securely shut so you won’t have to worry about losing your tiny but mighty earbuds when you’re on the go.

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