Timex Marlin Automatic Watch

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You may remember the Timex Marlin, the contemporary reissue of the watch of the same name from the 1960s. It was a welcome treat for the watch geek, offering classic style at an affordable price. But staying true to its original era, it was perhaps too small for today’s standards.

Well, Timex has satisfied the purist gents, and now it’s moving on to satisfy the more modern crowd with a case size of 40mm (from the original 34mm) and an automatic movement (from the original manual wind). The watch has a date function, domed acrylic crystal, and a display caseback, and is available in a variety of case and dial colors.

Drawing from the watch’s long history (and many designs), the Timex Marlin Automatic stays true to its roots and retains the watch’s essentially tasteful and versatile styling.

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