Timex Marlin Automatic Watch Featuring Snoopy

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Who doesn’t love Snoopy? But if you thought Timex’s Peanuts Collection watches were fun but juvenile, don’t worry. The unmistakably classy Timex Marlin Automatic now features Snoopy.

The Flying Ace Snoopy, complete with aviator hat and goggles, has taken up residence in the iconic Timex 1960’s Marlin case. This playful but understated watch features a 40mm case, automatic movement, acrylic crystal, and a display caseback. A sleek leather band completes the look with an aptly nostalgic but timeless aesthetic.

It may not compete with the Snoopy Omega Speedmasters that journeyed along on the Apollo missions, but it packs its own charming, devil-may-care appeal.

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