This Is Ground Case Study Backpack

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This Is Ground has been a staff favorite here at IMBOLDN for some time. The design-driven company continually demonstrates an adaptable approach to their customers’ needs, answering the call to provide an ever-growing portfolio of products to accommodate this. This consistency is all tied in with their focus on growing the local design and manufacturing industry in their community of downtown Los Angeles.

Since launching four years ago, the brand has gained the trust and accolades of some major players, including Apple, for their dizzying array of customizable handmade leather products and aesthetically pleasing design sensibilities. With the This Is Ground Case Study Backpack they are back at it again.

The Case Study is an extremely lightweight but durable backpack that has global appeal. Designed in Los Angeles and made in Italy from some of the finest Tuscan leather around, it really goes the distance. It is elegant and refined enough to pass as a professional backpack, yet industrial enough with a selection of pockets to suit any manner of tech gadget or modern need.

It remains thin enough to tote around the city, and for more far-flung travels, it is TSA approved with a built-in “tray” for your laptop that allows you to keep your device in the pack while passing through security. Its 2.6 pounds of weight are easily bearable for long-haul lugging. With enough heft to tote a 15-inch laptop, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad, iPhone, Apple Pencil, and other accessories, it makes a great companion for transporting your precious tech items.

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