Slice Auto-Retractable Box Cutter

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Tools from the company Slice certainly do justice to their name, slicing with more ease and less risk than traditional tools with metal blades. However, the Slice Auto-Retractable Box Cutter’s design is impressive even for Slice, and its an award-winner for a reason.

Let’s start with the famous ceramic blade that sets the brand apart. Auto-retractable and rounded at the tip for safety, this edge won’t spark, rust, or cause chemical reactions while you’re working with it. That means the blade will need to be maintained and replaced less frequently, but it also means they’re less likely to cause injuries associated with dull, rusty, or bacteria-laden blades.

Of course, injuries are also a smaller risk because of the Box Cutter’s most eye-catching feature: its ergonomic design. A curved non-slip nylon handle wraps around your fist, making it easier and safer to use without handling the blade at all. Every job will feel smoother and safer thanks to this genius design choice.

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