Reductivist Ringtool

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Reductivist is a USA company dedicated to creating useful yet experiential products, based on principles of great design and a responsible approach to manufacturing. Each part of a Reductivist product, package, or coating is made to a high degree of quality, and the Reductivist Ringtool is no exception.

The recently improved Ringtool acts as an ultralight multitool that can be whipped out in any emergency. Though originally created to serve as a functional device for cyclist commuters, the tool has proven its worth in a variety of applications. Whether it is used for adjusting snowboard bindings, opening bottles, or assembling furniture, the Ringtool is an effortless solution that anyone can use if on hand.

The tool is designed to be readily available and can string onto a keyring or slide into a pocket so that it is never out of reach. Each Ringtool is made in the USA out of durable nickel plated stainless steel, which gives it the right amount of strength and corrosion resistance. Each device also handily comes with a lifetime warranty.

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