Paul Smith Letter Money Clip

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In an age where mail is delivered electronically and most people opt for paperless delivery rather than snail mail, there’s something old-fashioned yet decidedly thrilling about opening an unexpected letter. This feeling of nostalgia is embraced with the Paul Smith Letter Money Clip. Made with a polished silver finish, the front portion of the money clip looks like a miniature letter addressed to Paul Smith London and sent via Airmail.

Although, like any good letter, the Paul Smith Letter Money Clip contains a surprise: money. Of course, it does require you to fill it with said surprise, which means that you might want to reopen the door to snail mail deliveries. After all, Grandma and Grandpa could still send birthday money and holiday checks to fill your Paul Smith Letter Money Clip. If not, there’s always an ATM around every corner. Hey, we never said old-fashioned yet decidedly thrilling was free.

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