Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday ‘Ultraman’

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It was just days ago when we poked fun at the endless limited editions that Omega produces, some saying that 2012 units isn’t really that limited, but the Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday “Ultraman,” released on July 10th, sold like hotcakes, just like last year’s Speedy Tuesday that was simultaneously “A Tribute to Alaska Project III.”

Paying homage to the famed 1968 “Ultraman” Speedmaster with the rare orange hand (named so for appearing in the Japanese TV Show The Return of Ultraman in the early 1970s), Omega is releasing this limited edition watch as a Speedy Tuesday Speedmaster. This is rather interesting and very much fitting, because Speedy Tuesday was an unprecedented result of the interaction between fans and the watchmaker, in the form of both the #SpeedyTuesday hashtag that flooded online communities on Tuesdays and the exclusive sale of these watches through Omega’s Instagram page. The original “Ultraman” Speedmaster also earned its name from the users, well before Omega started using it officially.

On the Speedy Tuesday “Ultraman,” you’ll find unabashed orange accents. The seconds subdial features a silhouette of Ultraman (that turns orange when shone with UV light), and the first three minutes on the minute counter subdial are orange as well, as a reference to Ultraman (whose superhero mode only lasts three minutes). The presentation box is shaped like the hexagonal table used by the Monster Attack Team in the Ultraman TV show. Again limited to 2012, this special edition Speedmaster comes with a NATO strap, a leather strap, and the “Beta Capsule” (Ultraman’s transformation device) strap changer that doubles as a UV torch.

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