NEO & SONS Classic Motorcycle Helmet Bag

$109+ pledge

It’s not often that you see practicality, functionality, and style altogether in a product from the motorcycle industry. NEO & SONS offers that with the Classic Motorcycle Helmet Bag, designed for those who don’t want to have their hands full by carrying just the helmet, or for those who don’t want to carry a helmet bag and a separate bag for their belongings.

The ingenious design of the bag uses the normally wasted interior space of the helmet, with an inner pouch that allows you to store items. An additional protective inner lining prevents scratches and damages to your helmet interior or visor, and the quick access zipper lets you get your keys, phone, and other items with speed. A stabilizing strap keeps the bag steady while you’re on the road.

As the very first product that NEO & SONS is introducing to the market, the bag is sleek, understated, and functional. This bag doesn’t shout for attention but looks great in any environment from the bike to the beyond. To add to its street cred, you can choose from three neutral colors: tobacco brown, murdered out black, and onyx canvas.

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