NAVIS Aqvantis Diver Watch

$269+ pledge

Why do high quality watches have to be so expensive? When the founders of an innovative start-up called NAVIS posed this question two years ago, it started them on a journey that resulted in the Aqvantis, a revolutionary diver watch that offers exceptional luxury and high-end performance at an incredibly low price. Although this watch has yet to make it to the commercial market, Kickstarter supporters can receive comprehensive NAVIS Aqvantis watch and accessory pledge packages for as little as $269.

One of the most exciting aspects of the NAVIS Aqvantis diver watch is its versatile customizability. In terms of aesthetics, consumers can mix and match two different case colors (black PVD and silver) and two dial colors (black or blue). They can also choose among a dozen straps in a broad spectrum of colors and materials composed of leather, rubber or NATO-style nylon.

On the mechanical front, the NAVIS Aqvantis can be ordered with two different movements. The Swiss SW200-1 movement option embodies the best of highly accurate Swiss watchmaking ingenuity, while the Japanese NH35A movement option emphasizes extreme power and durability.

All NAVIS Aqvantis watches are fitted with high-grade sapphire crystal, a natural substance that is absolutely unbreakable and can only be scratched by a diamond. Theses watches are also incredibly easy to read with Superluminova-brand strontium aluminate illuminating all three hands.

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